Best DIY Home Security Systems in 2022

Every home is a haven that should be protected at all times from danger. Home security systems range of locksmith security services -help us encircle our homes with a virtual security guard. Every year, new types of security solutions emerge to increase the security of our homes. Let us see what is in store for us in 2022 on the home security scene.

Top 2022 DIY Home Security Systems

Simplisafe Home Security System

The Gen 3 Simplisafe Home Security System is the latest DIY security solution that gives homeowners both security and peace of mind. This system is WiFi-compatible. It can send signals 800 feet away from the’s 24- hour battery backup that ensures that you stay connected even in a power outage. 

This system consists of a keypad, key fob, entry sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor, panic button, siren, and a temperature sensor. Apart from these, it also has smoke detectors, water sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, Infrared night vision sensors, etc. Security cameras, smart locks, and video doorbells also form part of this setup.
As for Simplisafe, it is easy to install. Its keypad is user-friendly and its siren is loud. The only disadvantage is that it lacks geofencing.

Arlo Pro

Get the latest surveillance cameras from Europe- Arlo Pro. These cameras are self-installed and self-monitored.  

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is the latest release of 2021. This camera has a siren that triggers off automatically on motion detection. Its 12x zoom with 2K HDR helps you to capture the fine details with full clarity. It has a 160-degree viewing that allows you to view your property. Color night vision and an integrated spotlight are the enhanced features.
Arlo also has a wide range of security services including audio and video doorbells to secure your home.

Ring Security System

The Ring Security System is the latest in-demand after the Nest Secure system was discontinued. The Ring Spotlight Cam comprises 2 HD security cameras with two-way talk and siren alarms. It has a solar panel for power backup.

The Ring Alarm Pro is another new entrant that has taken the DIY Home Security Market by storm. It is WiFi-enabled and has cellular power back up for power outages. It has 4 entry sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 Z-wave range extender, and a keypad. All this is for just around $300. 

The Ring Alarm Pro is quick to install, easy to use, and comes at an unbelievable price. The newest advantage of Ring Alarm Pro is its integration with Amazon Alexa which was not available earlier. But the downside is its setup instructions are not always clear. 

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

This is a wireless home security system that is professional and fully featured. 

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro goes the extra mile in home security. It not only notifies you when packages arrive but also alerts you if some take them. Smart Deter Technology, not only records the crime but helps to prevent it. It sets off a LED ring with a 65 dB speaker. It has a 1080 p resolution that allows a full field view. Unlike battery-powered video doorbells cameras, Vivint has constant connectivity for effective porch protection. You can even customize what you want to protect- the full entrance or part of it.

Level lock- the best smart lock for your home

If you have a look at the Level Lock, you will feel that the rest of the smart locks you have seen so far are so bulky and outdated. Yes, the Level Lock is the ideal security device for your smart home. All its electronics are designed to fit within the lock itself. No keypad, no contact sensors outside. The lock interacts with the Level app on your mobile phone using Bluetooth. It has a geofencing feature that opens and locks the door each time you use the door. Contact us today for any locksmith services in Matthews.

2022 has the best of Smart Home Security Systems for you. All you need to do is to check the above list, select one and call Teds Locksmith professional locksmith services in Matthews to fit it efficiently for you.

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