Dedicated and Outstanding Residential Locksmith Services in Matthews

Matthews in Mecklenburg County is a beautiful suburb of North Carolina. Everyone at Matthews NC is safe and secure, thanks to the presence of many dedicated locksmith services like Teds Locksmith in this area. Let us take a look at why this professional Matthews locksmith company is your dependable locksmith. Reasons why a Matthews Locksmith … Read more

Trust a Reliable Commercial Locksmith to Handle Any Emergency Situation With Ease

Lock emergencies can happen anytime, even after regular business hours. Whom to turn to, in such an emergency situation at such an odd hour? A commercial locksmith services company, of course. Is a commercial locksmith well equipped to handle an emergency? Here are some answers. Reasons why you can depend on a commercial locksmith in … Read more

Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks & Keys

From the biggest of buildings to the smallest of safes, everything has a lock and a key. Without a lock and key, our valuable items are at high risk from burglary and our homes from break-ins. That is why we lock everything away- even our computers with passwords and our vehicles with complex locking mechanisms. … Read more

Why does a Commercial locksmith mean safety and security for your business?

From a small cubicle office to a large factory or high-rise office complex, every commercial property is valuable to its business owner. Security is a top priority for your business to protect its physical and intellectual assets. It is not just the commercial building that needs protection, but also its employees and costly equipment. This … Read more

Best DIY Home Security Systems in 2022

Every home is a haven that should be protected at all times from danger. Home security systems help us encircle our homes with a virtual security guard. Every year, new types of security solutions emerge to increase the security of our homes. Let us see what is in store for us in 2022 on the … Read more

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys “On a day, an American spends at least 10 minutes hunting for car keys.” No surprise as this has happened to us from time to time. It happens especially when we fumble for keys in the dark of night. But if it happens on a cold winter night, … Read more

Key Fob Not Working? 4 Fixes For A Broken Car Key Fob

Remember the pride you had when you first bought a car with an automatic lock and key fob? You congratulated yourself on buying this convenient keyless system. But today, you are cursing yourself when your key fob is not working!  This happens quite often when your key fob breaks or malfunctions. It is no use … Read more

Key terms to know when speaking to a locksmith

A locksmith is a professional who deals with the installation, repair, and replacement of locks and keys. While talking to a locksmith, it is better to use the right generic terms. Using the correct key terms will help the locksmith to understand your requirement and execute it without confusion. Let us take a look at … Read more

I Left My Keys Inside My Car! How Do I Get Back In?

All of us have a busy life these days and most of us are in a hurry.  In this hurry, we often leave the keys inside the locked car! This situation is called a vehicle lockout. If this happens while we are traveling, we need roadside assistance. Else, we have to call for a tow … Read more

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