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Live in Waxhaw NC?

We’re in locksmith Matthews – that’s only about 15 minutes away. If you have a problem with your locks or need a key to be made on the spot, we can get there in just 15 minutes, and you’ll be on your way without skipping a beat. Established in 1996, Ted’s Locksmith has helped thousands upon thousands of car owners and homeowners with their locks and keys. We’ve catered to the corporate community as well, re-keying and securing hundreds upon hundreds of local retail and office spaces. Whatever you need, we can do it quickly, and for a cheaper price than you’re expecting.

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Accurate Quotes & Friendly Locksmiths

It takes a certain level of expertise to be able to assess the caliber of a locksmith job on the spot. Unfortunately, many locksmiths in the Matthews area just don’t have this expertise – they’ll give you an initial quote… then take twice as long as they expected. This results in a cheap job turning into an expensive one. We’re different. Because we’ve been doing this for close to two decades, we have the ability to assess a locksmith job accurately. The initial quote you get from us will be firm, and on top of that, you’ll get the best locks and keys that money can buy.

No corners are cut with this approach – in fact, we’re the polar opposite of a “cheap locksmith company”. All of our locksmiths have decades of experience, and we genuinely enjoy doing it – you’ll never have an unfriendly contractor in your home. We know how uncomfortable that can be.

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Give us a call. Let us help you solve your problem – since our humble beginnings, we’ve solved locksmith problems for thousands of customers in the Waxhaw area, and we can solve yours, too.

Fast – but not too fast

Do a job too quickly and you’ll do it poorly. Take too long and you’ll do it well, but you’ve taken an exorbitant of time to do so. Other locksmiths will go one way or the other – they’ll either rush and do a bad job, or they’ll take too long and rack up unnecessary billable hours. We’re the perfect medium between the two. Because of how much experienced locksmith we have, our locksmiths can get jobs done well in a short amount of time. This results in you getting the best locks and keys and paying the least amount of money possible.