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Residential Locksmith Services

Do you know who has a key to your home? Maybe the previous owner, a tradesman who worked on your home before, or an old dog sitter? Re-key your house today. Do not take a chance on compromising your most valuable possession. !! Do not fall for a super cheap price on the phone for a scammer who posses as a locksmith to come unlock or re-key your home.

There are hundreds of phony locksmith who pose as licensed locksmiths and tell you a cheap price on the phone, and then triple or quadruple the charge when they get you in. Get a quote up front. Most licensed locksmiths can at least come real close to an exact price before they come out with just a few questions

Teds Locksmith provides full residential re-key, lock replacement and repair to the city of Matthews and surrounding areas. We provide quality professional service. Matthews Locksmith has been around 18 years locally and can handle almost any lock situation. If you are Locked out of your home you can trust our licensed locksmiths to get you back in.

We are background checked, licensed and bonded. Whether you have 1 lock to re-key or 20 locks to re-key Teds locksmith can assist you.

Teds Locksmith_Residential Locksmith Services Matthews NC
  • Lock-outs
  • Change House locks
  • Rekeying
  • Repair Locks
  • Lost keys Replaced
  • Foreclosures
  • Mul-T-lock High Security locks
  • Locks Repair / Replace
  • New Locks Installation
  • Deadbolts installed
  • Master Key
  • Eviction Service
  • Mailbox Keys
  • Bump proof locks

Re-key your home with Ted’s

Your home is your most valuable possession, and on top of that, you live there. Ensuring its security is important for both personal and financial reasons – you can’t take any risks.Ted’s Locksmith is your no-risk solution to residential re-keying. 

We’ve been around for over two decades (established in 1996), and of course, we’re bonded, licensed, and background checked in North Carolina.

When you hire us as your locksmith, we’ll treat your home like it’s our own. You can expect a personable, skilled locksmith to be working on your house, and we get the job done as quickly as possible (while never compromising on quality) so that you can get back to your day ASAP.

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Just moved in somewhere?

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If you moved into a new place and didn’t change the keys, you have no way of knowing if the house is secure or not. Does the old owner still have a key? The plumber from six months ago? What about if the previous owner had a son, and that son gave a key to his girlfriend without the owner knowing?

The point we’re trying to make is that you should be the only one with access to your house. Rest easy at night knowing that even if some crooked contractor were to come back, he’d be locked out in the cold. Your house is your castle – make sure that only you can open the gates.

What to watch out for with locksmiths

Truth be told, when something as important as your home’s security is involved, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Here are the common pitfalls of other locksmiths in the Matthews… and how we avoid them.

Pitfall #1: a common “tactic” of shady locksmiths is to inspect your house, give you a “rough estimate”, and then do the job. Once the job is done, that shady locksmith informs you that it actually took him twice to three times as long as he expected to finish the job, which results in your previously cheap quote skyrocketing into an exorbitantly expensive one.

We don’t do that. In fact, any skilled locksmith (that’s us!) will be able to give you a very accurate quote on how long your locks will take, no matter whether you have one or 20 to re-key.

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Pitfall #2: shady locksmiths like to cut corners by using old (or simply low quality) materials. The keys you receive will snap easily. The locks you get… well, for lack of a better word, they’ll be weak. Any determined criminal will be able to kick right through them, and anyone who watched a couple YouTube videos will be able to pick them.

We don’t do that. We buy only the best. In the locksmith business, the best is Mul-T-Lock – their locks are resistant to kicks, drills, and picks. Even if someone is determined to break into your house, he won’t be able to – ever. You’re safe.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping homeowners with their security. We’re licensed in NC. We service Matthews and all surrounding areas. Give us a call today and tell us what you need. We’ll work to make an appointment that fits your schedule, and once we can take a look, we’ll give you a firm quote on the spot.

We also offer High security Mul-T-Lock brand hardware. These are pick resistant, drill resistant and kick in resistant. One of the best deadbolts on the market. Call us and ask about out High security locks today! 704-882-7854

Call us and ask about out High security locks today! 704-882-7854