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Ted’s Locksmith: Your Mobile Locksmith!

Most locksmiths have a one-size-fits-all solution – we just don’t believe in that. We know that you want to spend your money on things other than locksmith services. It’s our job to keep your quote as low as possible.

So we won’t just recommend you replace all of your locks – instead, we’ll use our two decades of locksmith expertise to solve your problem as efficiently as possible. With Ted’s, you’re not just hiring a locksmith – you’re hiring a locksmith professional.

And on top of that, we pride ourselves on accurate quotes. We’ll never come back to you when the job is done and try to change what we agreed upon… that’s just not professional.

Established in 1996, we’ve always had strong views on customer service. You’ll always be treated with the utmost professionalism, even if you have a small problem. Big or small, simple or complex, you can count on Ted’s for an affordable, reliable, and hassle-free solution to your problem.

Teds Locksmith_Mobile Locksmith Services Matthews NC

A mobile locksmith is a company that travels out in their vehicle to your location. Teds Locksmith has all tools necessary to complete most any locksmith job. When you call,we will come right to your location. Most peoples needs are at their location and that is what we offer.

Some advantages of hiring a mobile locksmith are, we come to you. That will save you time from having to go to the dealer or drive across town for a rekey. They can examine your locks and start working on them instantly because we have all the necessary tools with us in our state of the art vans. This saves you time and will let you get back to your agenda as quickly as possible.

Our mobile locksmith is one of the best at repairing auto locks and Making Chip keys. We are very familiar with complex car locks, lost keys, and rekeying locks. We can easily identify and correct almost any lock problem with our professional experienced locksmith. We are called sometimes on jobs that others do not want to do.

Mobile Locksmith:

A mobile locksmith is a fancy way of saying that when you need a problem, we gather our tools and rush over to wherever your locks are. The result? A hassle-free experience for you – just open the door, let us do our thing, and your problem will be solved.

  • Busy day at the office? Don’t interrupt your day – just hire us.
  • Locked out of your car? Don’t pay for a cab – just call us to come to you.
  • Lost your house keys? Don’t frantically call your friends – we’ll come to your home quickly.

Straight to your door locksmith services. Call Ted’s Locksmith today!  (704) 882-7854

We do every lock under the sun

You have a complex car key with a chip? That’s not a problem for us – we can bring all of our tools right to you. All you have to do is watch us perform our magic, and voila – you’ll have a functioning car key without having to budge. (Don’t believe the dealers when they say that they’re the only people who can replace your keys…)

You have an office building with a master key? That’s not a problem for us – because all of our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art locksmith technology, we can solve any problem without any delays, whether it’s for a car, house, or commercial residence.

Call Ted’s and get it done right.

(704) 882-7854

Saving you as much money as possible

The Knowledge of our mobile locksmith also includes residential locksmith services. If you’ve lost your house keys, then we can unlock the door and re key or change the locks so that you are safe and protected.

We can even point out some of the security weaknesses we see at your home or business while we are working on the problem you currently have. A lot of times we can fix a lot of the problems you have instead of replacing.

So if you need a mobile locksmith in your area call Teds locksmith where we are fast friendly and professional ! 704-882-7854