Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks & Keys

From the biggest of buildings to the smallest of safes, everything has a lock and a key. Without a lock and key, our valuable items are at high risk from burglary and our homes from break-ins. That is why we lock everything away- even our computers with passwords and our vehicles with complex locking mechanisms.

We use locks and keys every day but do we know anything of them? Here are some facts from our knowledgeable locksmith company that cast a light on locks and keys.

Interesting facts about locks and keys

Ancient locks

The earliest locks were crafted in Egypt and Babylon 4000 years ago. These fist locks were wooden-bolt locks with pin tumblers.

In Rome, the wealthy wore their keys as status symbols. Locks were also common in China and Greece.

Earliest security measures

In ancient times, sailors used to secure their belongings tying them with ropes and knotting them.

Lock inventors

In 1778, Robert Barron invented the first double-acting tumbler lock. The first tumbler lock was created by Linus Yale in 1848. James Sargent, an American Locksmith, invented the first combination lock in 1857.


Key keeper

In Medieval times, people used to entrust the keys of their home to a key keeper. This special guard was responsible for the key security of all the keys.

Chinese Locks

In ancient China, only the rich and noble could afford locks. Emperors had locks made in animal shapes like fish, goat, etc.

Innovations in lock mechanism and design 

The 19th century brought in many revolutionary changes in the locksmith industry. People created new lock and key designs to protect their homes and offices from burglar activity.


Key duplicating

Until the year 1917, nobody knew of key duplication. It was in this year the first duplicate key was made using a wheel to cut the key blank.

Lock collection and Lock Museum 

Many people have the unique habit of collecting locks as a hobby. They collect unusual locks like prison locks, commando locks, or military locks, intricate puzzle locks, time locks, etc.
The John Mossman Lock Museum in New York houses the world’s largest collection of locks. There are about 370 locks from Egyptian wood locks to modern smart locks and even bank or vault locks too.


Fort Knox changes code daily

Fort Knox in Kentucky is where the U.S. gold reserves lie. Every day, the access code is changed on the smart locks at Fort Knox making it the most secure building in the world.

Traditional locks

Did you know that traditional locks were handmade? Yes, a trusted home locksmith was called to customize the traditional lock as per the owner’s need and request.


The word padlock came into origin in the 15th century. It was coined from the 2 English words pad and lock.

Complex locks resist picking

If you have a complex lock, it must resist picking. A commando lock has nearly 10 pins for security to resist bumping and picking.

Bird picking

While complex locks resist picking, even a bird can pick some simple locks! In 2014, a parrot called Magic made her way out of her age by picking 2 padlocks!


Every locksmith has to undergo a period of training as an apprenticeship in order to become a skilled locksmith or security expert.

Certified Locksmith Service 

To safeguard your home or office, always engage a certified locksmith. These professionals have a license from the Association of Locksmiths of America (ALOA). They are highly skilled in handling all types of locks. Their team includes all types of locksmiths- residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, auto locksmiths, and even forensic locksmiths. Their locksmith service is a mobile service offering round-the-clock service throughout the week.


Call an authorized locksmith to care for tour complete lock and key needs. Be it lock installation, lock and key repair, or key duplication, these professionals can be trusted for their confidential customer service. Teds Locksmith offers trusted locksmith services in Matthews and surrounding areas. Give us a phone call if you need security assistance. Trust Teds Locksmith today!

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