What to Do When You Lose Your Office Keys

Losing keys to your workplace is no trivial matter. Not only will losing work keys cost the precious time of your employees, but since time wasted in an office is money lost, it shall also cost you a small fortune, embarassment and irritation to folks all around. No wonder losing keys to your office can get you in a tizzy and needs a backup plan or a call with a reliable local Matthews or Charlotte locksmith.

However, before jumping into solution mode, lets try to understand rationally how to tackle a situation when keys to your office are lost or misplaced.

Keep Calm

Misplacing things are a common occurrence which often gets us panicked about the situation. We must continue to search systematically. Make sure you do not lose your calm. Anxiety is such a scenario will get the better of you and hamper your productivity negatively.

Plan your search

Most of the cases, we will end up finding the misplaced objects in places which are uncommon for an individual to fathom. Also, do not look out for keys in the nooks and cranies that you have already searched for. For instance, if you have already looked out for keys in your bedroom, do not search for them in the same area over again.

Clear out Clutter

In most probability, you stand a higher chance to find the keys in areas with most clutter. If your office cubicles have the most clutter, you need to make sure you clear out the junk stuff and start looking for them. Better than going around in circles in places that you do not need to look, you must search one place at a time and focus on areas with the most clutter.

Retrace your steps

Try to remember about the last time you had hold of your keys. Answer all questions that come to your mind regarding the last moments you saw your keys. For instance, enquire yourself about the day and the time you were aware of where the item was. Try to retrace your footsteps and enquire with people who you were with at that part of the day.

Dial the Office Locksmith

If the keys are still not found, the most pragmatic way to deal with the situation is to call a local locksmith to re-key the office locks or upgrade to a new security system.

Indeed, the process may require a great deal of time, depending on how complex the security system of your workplace is. The cost of office key replacement also depends on the security needs of the workplace and the complexity of the work.

It is best to hire a commercial locksmith for this job. A commercial locksmith has the know-how on how to deal with the situation. He is also the best person to advise about the various ways you to avoid a similar situation in the near future.

Contemplate on the Prevention Strategies

It is wise to keep some prevention strategies in hand.
One of the techniques to ensuring you don’t lose any important item is to keep them in an allotted place. For instance, keep all your keys in one single drawer or a bowl allocated for that purpose alone.

It is better not to try to hide the keys or keep them in a private draw or cabinet lest you should forget about the same.

We must remember that flawed memory is not an indicator of our intelligence. Implementing effective prevention strategies will help Charlotte and Matthews residents make sure that they do not encounter a similar costly and embarassing situation in the future.

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