How to hire the best Commercial Locksmith for your security needs?

Your business is your most valuable asset. As a business owner, it is your pride and joy and the fruit of your labor. That is why you must protect your business premises with security systems. 

Security measures are a must to protect not just your commercial buildings and the physical assets, but also their information technology and intellectual property. Call a professional locksmith to safeguard your commercial properties and make your business secure.

Use these tips to hire the right commercial locksmith services for your company.

9 Tips to hire the best commercial locksmith

Look for these qualities in the business locksmith you hire.

Commercial locksmith expertise

Scout for a registered locksmith company in your neighborhood. If you call a local handyman, he might not have all the tools needed. This is because he lacks a professional setup and organization. An expert commercial locksmith has all the equipment and special tools needed for installing a high level of security for your office.

Licensed Locksmith

A professional locksmith is one who has a certification from ALOA. It stands for Association of Locksmiths of America. This organization is the licensing body that certifies a locksmith after thorough examinations. This license vouches for the efficiency and training of the commercial locksmith. Just make sure that your locksmith has renewed his license recently. If so, he will be updated with the latest technology and trends in the market.

Currently, 15 states in the U.S. require an ALOA license. This includes Texas, Alabama, California, New Jersey, etc.

Reputable Locksmith

Is the locksmith you intend to hire a reliable one? The only way to find out is by verifying his Online Reputation. Check the online reviews posted by previous customers on social media and industrial directories. 

Insurance coverage

Accidents or damage to property might happen when you install security systems.  You cannot claim insurance unless the job is done by a licensed locksmith.

Insurance companies recognize only licensed locksmiths.  Even if you hire expert locksmiths, you cannot claim insurance if they have no license. So always, check if your locksmith is insurance-covered. 

Experienced locksmith 

For a professional locksmith, experience is as important as expertise. Only experienced locksmiths know a variety of techniques to do lock replacement and repair. In a lockout situation, they react much better than even the best-trained locksmiths.

Wide range of services 

Commercial property owners look for a wide range of business locksmith services to secure their property. They insist on using the latest access control systems and high-security locks. 

Look for a commercial locksmith company that will offer service for a wide array of locking mechanisms. They should handle all types of commercial locks including traditional locks, digital locks, smart locks, etc.

Expert locksmiths can do everything from simple changing of locks to electronic locks installation. Their wide range of services will help you look for options to keep your business property safe.

Special services 

Simple lock repairs are not the job of a commercial locksmith. Their specialties must include Electronic Keypad entry, Telephone entry systems, and Circuit Television Systems, etc. Handling Keyless Entry systems and Electronic Access Control systems should also be the forte of professional locksmiths.

Emergency Locksmith

Of all the commercial locksmith’s services, emergency service is the most vital. However effective your locksmith may be, he is of no use if he does not help in an emergency situation. Always look for reliable emergency locksmith services that come to your spot and work 24×7.

Affordable locksmith 

Engaging a cheap or unscrupulous locksmith is a 1-minute job. Settling his bills is an endless one. Always ask for an estimate before you hire the lock expert. A professional locksmith company will give you an estimate beforehand. They charge affordable rates and offer discounts too. Compare their cost with other competitors and hire only if they offer unbeatable prices.

As a business owner, you must be very careful in choosing a reliable locksmith for your commercial premises. Installing high-quality locks alone is not enough to secure your business property. Use the above tips to hire a comprehensive locksmith services provider like Teds Locksmith in Matthews, NC for your security needs.

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