Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

“On a day, an American spends at least 10 minutes hunting for car keys.”

No surprise as this has happened to us from time to time. It happens especially when we fumble for keys in the dark of night. But if it happens on a cold winter night, it can be all the more frustrating. During such emergency times, it is the professional auto locksmith who comes to your rescue. Call your reliable automotive locksmith and share your geographical location. They will be there in minutes to unlock the doors for you.

What are the common reasons people have for losing car keys and how to avoid them?

Placing car keys anywhere

This is the most common reason people have for misplacing their car keys. They leave their car keys or fobs everywhere and spend hours searching for them.

Avoid this by having one dedicated auto locksmith spot for car keys. This could be a key holder on the wall or a cabinet for essential items. 


Are you a disorganized person? Do you have clutter all around you? Then, it is impossible to find your car keys unless you follow this tip.You must use key finders to find the keys beneath your junk. Nowadays, you have Bluetooth trackers to sense your fob location. So get a Bluetooth key finder at once to avoid hunting for your keys for hours.


Forgetting is something we all do but if you do this more often, you must take these precautions. Buy a  long key chain or ring and chain your car keys to the door or a shelf. Pin notes to point to the keys’ location.If you are a forgetful person, have a catchy wall sign saying “car keys” pointing to the keys’ hiding spot!

Tips to avoid losing car keys

Chain the keys to credit cards.

Credit cards are something that you cannot afford to lose. You keep them safe always. Why not chain your keys to your credit cards to avoid losing them?

Use key trackers

Attach a key tracker to your key fob. Or get a glow key cover that illuminates your key in the dark of night. Now, there is no way you can lose your car keys.

Get a spare set of keys

Call an excellent locksmith and get a spare set of keys made for your car. Always keep one handy on your person attached to your belt loops or to your handbag. Keep another at your office or home.Have a dedicated spot for car keysAlways have a dedicated spot for your car keys. Let it not be one of those regular spots which you can easily forget.  Choose an unusual spot and keep the keys on a special key tray or hook. Mark the spot with a catchy wall sign for car keys.Check for car keys before you leave.Always check for car keys before you leave the home or office.  Let it become a habit that will prevent you from losing your car keys.

What to do if you lose your car keys?

If the worst happens and you lose your car keys, what to do? Follow these steps.

1.File a police report stating that you have lost your car keys. Give full details of your vehicle along with the geographical location where you might have lost.

2.Call a dedicated auto locksmith at once. Get a set of spare keys made.

3.Always keep the contact number of a Smart Locksmith on your laptop and mobile devices. This will help you call the auto locksmith during emergency times.

Missing car keys is habitual. But what is remedial is using the above tips to avoid missing your car keys.  And the most important of them all is to contact a friendly auto locksmith like Teds Locksmith for your car key replacement. You will remember that, won’t you?

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