Key Fob Not Working? 4 Fixes For A Broken Car Key Fob

Remember the pride you had when you first bought a car with an automatic lock and key fob? You congratulated yourself on buying this convenient keyless system. But today, you are cursing yourself when your key fob is not working! 

This happens quite often when your key fob breaks or malfunctions. It is no use blaming anyone. Let us try how to fix these fob issues.

Why does your key fob fail to function?

Your key fob might not work due to the following reasons:

Water damage

Water has no effect on your traditional car keys as they work even when submerged in water but not your key fobs. 

Key fobs have electrical components that cannot withstand water damage. Even if the slightest moisture gets into your key fob, they might not work. This is because the transponder chip suffers damage due to water. This kind of water damage happens when you get wet in rain or go swimming with your key fob in your pocket. Or when you run your pants with the key fob in the washing machine.

Now, the only thing to do is to call a reliable fob service center for the key fob repair or replacement.

Blown fuse

The key fob has a circuit board containing a fuse. If this fuse is out, your fob fails to function. Contact your trusted auto locksmith for the key fob battery replacement. He will replace the blown fuse and replace it in minutes.

As you can see, most of the key fob problems can be fixed only by a professional locksmith. Still, if you want to try repairing your fob, follow these steps.

4 fixes for a broken key fob

You are in the middle of nowhere and your key fob does not work. What to do?  Try these steps.

Dead Battery

This is the most common reason for car fobs not working. Check the fob batteries if they are dead. If so, go to the nearest store and get fresh batteries. Remote batteries are usually CR2032. Replace the fob batteries and check if the fob works.

Push buttons on the keyless remote not working

Sometimes, the rubber push-button start on your remote does not work. They are in a depressed position. Try to press them a number of times. If they do not pop out, try opening the fob and clean and replace them. If they do not work still, you must buy a new fob.

Loose wire

Check the keyless entry remote for internal damage. It may have frayed wires or loose wires. See if you can tape the broken wires together and make the remote work.  If it still does not, give it to a professional auto locksmith for repair.

Remote reprogramming 

Keyless remotes often fail to work as they need to be reprogrammed. You can try doing this in 2 ways, depending on the type of vehicle you have.

In the first method, enter the vehicle and close the door. Insert the ignition key and turn it to the run position after starting the vehicle. Shift the key between run and locked position several times. If you hear a chime, press the remote’s lock or unlock button once. If you hear the chime again, your key remote is ready to work.

In the second method, lock your doors manually after entering the car. Insert the ignition key and pull it in and out at least 6 times within 10 seconds. Now, your interior and exterior lights start flashing. Push a button on the remote to see the hazard lights flash. Now, your key remote is ready to use.

If any of these methods fail to work, you must go for a key fob replacement service. 

Always have a spare key, backup remote, or backup battery in your hand. Get them made by a trusted automotive locksmith. You can do certain things like key fob battery replacement. But for other electronic issues with the transponder chip or built-in security chip, it is better to call Ted’s professional locksmith company.

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