Key terms to know when speaking to a locksmith

A locksmith is a professional who deals with the installation, repair, and replacement of locks and keys. While talking to a locksmith, it is better to use the right generic terms. Using the correct key terms will help the locksmith to understand your requirement and execute it without confusion.

Let us take a look at the basic terms one must know while speaking to a locksmith.

What are the terms or keywords to know when speaking to a locksmith in the United States?


When you ask a locksmith service provider to rekey a lock, you are asking them to change the lock’s code. Rekeying involves changing the code of the lock so that it works with a new or different one. When you rekey a lock, its previous keys no longer work on it.

Rekeying is a must for residential locks when tenants change or keys are misplaced. If you move into a new home, you can simply rekey all the clocks instead of changing them.

For business locks, you need to rekey when employees leave the organization. 

Rekeying is a part of the lockout services of a mobile locksmith.

Master keying

If you do not want to juggle keys but use a single key for all the locks of your home or office, do master keying. With master keying, each lock can open with its own key as well as the master key.

When you do master keying, you will get a master key that will open all locks. Each lock will have its own key which will work only for it and not other locks. 

Master keying is the best option for offices where one needs to grant or restrict access privileges.

Key Duplication

Key duplication means making a copy of the original key. You need to make key duplicates to give independent access to a long stay guest or spares to your office staff. Key Duplication is a part of the lockout services of a mobile locksmith.

Bumping a lock

This is the term locksmith uses to refer to picking a lock. You open a pin tumbler lock by using a specially- carved bump key. 

Bump proof locks are locks that are resistant to picking. They have two sets of tumblers that make it difficult to pick the lock. If you want your lock to be bump proof, then buy a lock with a uniquely shaped key.


Bitting refers to the physical arrangement of the key bits when they engage with the lock. It is the code with which the locksmith cuts the key when he makes a duplicate key.

Lock mechanism

It is always better to know a little about the type of lock when you speak to a United States locksmith.

Cylinder lock

A cylinder lock has a lock cylinder at the center of the doorknob. There are 2 types- single and double cylinder locks.  The single-cylinder lock opens with a cylinder key on one side and a knob on the other. Double cylinder locks allow keys on both sides. This lock is also called the Cylinder Pin Tumbler lock.

Lever lock

Lever locks have a set of levers that are pushed to a certain height to unlock the bolt. These locks usually have 3 or 5 levers. They use a flat bitted key to push the levers into position.

Deadbolts locks

People prefer deadbolt locks for the maximum security they provide. The bolt is the main locking mechanism here. When you lock the deadbolt, it pushes into the doorframe by an inch. It cannot be opened by force but only with a key. 

Mortise lock

 A Mortise lock is recessed into the door frame and has a knob on either side. It can be locked on the inside by using the doorknob.  A mortise lock is considered low security due to its recess in the door frame.  

Now that you are familiar with the lingo of the locksmith, use the right generic term while speaking to them for the successful completion of the job. Call Ted’s Locksmith in Charlotte. We understand your lock & key requirements.

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