I Left My Keys Inside My Car! How Do I Get Back In?

All of us have a busy life these days and most of us are in a hurry.  In this hurry, we often leave the keys inside the locked car! This situation is called a vehicle lockout.

If this happens while we are traveling, we need roadside assistance. Else, we have to call for a tow truck. To avoid such issues, call a 24×7 automotive locksmith who has expertise in vehicle lockouts. He can open your car in a jiffy with no damage to the vehicle.

Ways to open your car door if the keys are locked in

Getting locked out of the vehicle is a common roadside emergency. Try these DIY methods to open your car using these simple items used in your daily life.

Shoe Lace

This is the simplest method but might take a great deal of time. But the best part is you can easily get a shoelace to try this. 

Take a shoelace and make a small loop. Insert this loop around the door lock by gently sliding the shoelace into the door. Now, pull it open and watch the door open.

Tennis ball

Take a tennis ball and make a hole in it at the center. Now keep it on the keyhole and push hard. The air pressure inside the ball might force it open to unlock the door.

Spoon or spatula 

Everyone has a spoon or spatula in the kitchen. Push the spoon or spatula into the lock and wedge it open. You can use a metal scale for this purpose too.


Insert the screwdriver into the back of the lock and create a bit of space. W a rod or steel scale into the space and try to pry the door open. You can use a piece of wood for the same purpose. This method is harmful as the screwdriver may scratch the exterior or interior of the car

Plastic strip

Try to find a strip of plastic, bend it and insert it into the door jamb like a wedge. Now pull the strip towards you to open the door.

Coat hanger

A coat hanger is bound to be in your wardrobe. Choose a wire hanger for this purpose. Place the curved hook in the constricted space between the door jamb. Pull the hanger toward you to force the door open.

Inflatable wedge

This unique tool uses air to open the lock mechanism. It has a flattened wedge that you can insert into the door frame. Now, you inflate the wedge using a balloon-like pump. It is part of a lockout kit along with a long reach tool.

Lock picking tool

Get a professional lock picking tool that expert an auto locksmith uses. You can buy it on any of the e-commerce sites or from a company offering lockout services.

Professional locksmith 

If none of the above methods fails to work, you must call a 24-hour locksmith company. They offer professional assistance in handling all types of locking mechanisms. They can handle manual locks, electronic door locks, auto locks, etc.

Can you open a car door using a smartphone app?

Yes, you can. Many of the modern vehicles like Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc have this cell phone unlocking facility. All you have to do is to download the vehicle brand’s smartphone app. Next, you must pair your car keys with the smartphone app. Now, your cell phone can act as a key fob. No more breaking the car windows if you are locked out. Just use the cell phone and unlock the car.

Why call an auto locksmith for roadside assistance?

An Auto locksmith is the best assistance provider who can offer emergency aid for your vehicle. In case of an emergency, none of your DIY methods might work. Nor does your smartphone app. The only assistance provider you can rely on is the automotive locksmith. He has the experience and expertise to offer critical assistance during vehicle lockouts. He offers emergency locksmith service at an average cost and his professional assistance is covered by basic car insurance.

Considering the above benefits, try to call a professional locksmith like Teds Locksmith for your vehicle emergencies. Have his number on your cell phone always and contact for emergency road assistance.


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