How to Remove a Broken Key from an Ignition Lock?


Every one of us has many things in our mind. When our mind is elsewhere and we absent-mindedly turn the car key forcefully in the ignition lock, it breaks. Half of it is stuck in the ignition key-hole and the remaining half of the key blade is in your hand. What to do now?

You try to search frantically for some household tools like needle-nose pliers, wire hangers, tweezers, etc. If luck is on your side, you can pry the key blade out of the ignition cylinder provided you do it with utmost caution and care. If not, the broken key is stuck there for good, or your ignition lock is hopelessly damaged.

Why take such unwanted risks? Extract your broken key from the ignition lock without any damage by calling for professional help. Contact trusted locksmiths who are experts at this broken key extraction. They will not only complete the job in minutes but also save you from the worry of a damaged lock. 

6 Quick Ways to remove a broken key from an ignition lock

Using glue gun stick

Soften or melt the tip of the glue stick and press the glue stick edge against the keyhole. The melted glue will cling to the broken piece of the key and harden. Now, pull the glue stick with the key piece gently out.

Using a jigsaw blade or a paper clip

First, lubricate the lock with a spray. Take a jigsaw blade or a paper clip and slide it on the lock cylinder fully until it goes no more. Next, rotate it such that it grips the jagged edges of the key. Pull the blade out slowly with the key piece.

Using needle-nose pliers or tweezers

Want an easy method to remove your broken key from the key lock? Try this one. All you need is a bit of super glue and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Apply super glue to the tips of the open pliers or tweezers. Now, get a grip on the broken key piece with the tweezers. Grab it tight and pull it out in one snap.

You can use putty or melted wax if you do not have super glue. Wait for the glue to set before you begin. Make sure you hold the broken key without slipping as you pull it out.

Using a coat hanger

Try this method if the pliers one does not work. Bend a wire coat hanger into a wire hook. Now, insert this hook into the ignition and eject the broken car-key piece.

Using a Hacksaw blade

If the coat hanger or super glue method fails, try this one. Put your car ignition on “neutral” mode. Insert a Hacksaw blade into the key cylinder such that the blade piece rests against the broken piece. Turn the ignition to an unlocked position. Now, grab the hacksaw blade and pull it out gingerly. With luck, when you pull the blade, it might grip the front or back of the broken piece. Now, as you drag the blade out, the broken piece might come out along with it.

Use a pair of tweezers to grip the hacksaw blade during extraction. Using the blade alongside tweezers will give you quick results.

Using lubricant spray like WD-40

You tried each and every hack method from the above list but none worked. It is now time for trying the WD-40 hack. Apply some WD-40 or cooking spray to the ignition lock. This will lubricate the piece and make it slippery. Use pliers or a hacksaw blade to drag it out.

Note that all the above hacks are totally unprofessional and amateur attempts at broken key extraction. There is a high risk of lock damage when you try them. Instead of running such high risks call qualified automotive locksmiths in Matthews to extract the broken car key safely and effortlessly with your lock intact.