What are the Security upgrades in commercial Locksmiths?

If a business owner must have peace of mind, he must rest knowing that there is no threat to his commercial properties. To keep his business safe, the property owner must improve the level of security of his business property. To do this, he must seek the advice of an experienced professional locksmith service provider

Expert locksmithing services not only have complete knowledge of commercial door hardware but also know how to keep the security project under your budget. They know how to use both traditional mortise locks as well as advanced access control systems. They have a clear understanding of your security requirements and formulate a strategy accordingly. 

This is how commercial locksmiths can improve the security of your office or commercial space in the following ways.

Ways in which a commercial locksmith can improve the security of your business

Securing entry and exit points to the building

This is the basic step that a business locksmith should take towards your office security. All the entrance and exit doors and even windows must be secured with the best business locks. The high-security locks must be suitable for the door. They could be mortise locks, magnetic locks, deadbolts, or electronic door locks. They should be additionally reinforced with electric strikes. All emergency exits should be fitted with panic bars and alarmed exit devices for egress in case of emergency. 

Most important of all, all doors must have burglar systems, alarms, buzzer systems, and fire-rated hardware for maximum protection.

Upgrading to the latest commercial access control systems

You might think that your office has the best security with its keyless entry system, but you are mistaken. All a keyless access system does is avoid the use of keys by using card access. Its only other advantage is to keep track of the access to the building 24×7. 

Nowadays, more advanced security solutions are available to keep your business safe. You can opt for an access control system where you have granted, shared, or restricted access to your building to a select group of persons. You can even have a biometric access control system where you have their physical records validated for better security.

An expert locksmith will choose such kind of futuristic security solutions to keep your company safe.

Installing Security Cameras and surveillance equipment 

During regular business hours, your card-based entry system can keep track of who enters or leaves your building. But what about after business hours? The only way to know what happens in your office space 24×7 is to install surveillance cameras around your office. You can even know what your business neighbors are up to. 

Protecting your business asset

External protection of your commercial building alone will not suffice. You must also protect your intellectual property and business assets. To achieve this, the expert locksmith uses advanced locks systems and several types of safes. Combination safes, vaults, data safes, etc are the best among these.

Protecting the periphery of the company property

Another most important step that the commercial locksmith has to take is to secure the outer periphery of the company property. He can do this with effective illumination and the installation of sensors. Floodlights, sensor lights, motion detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, etc are the basic equipment that he can use for this purpose.

Employ a Full-service locksmith if you want these top-quality services and excellent customer service at affordable prices.

Remember, commercial security is the main step towards commercial success. Only a reputable local Matthews locksmith like Ted’s Locksmith can guide you to increasing the levels of your commercial property and make it as safe as Fort Knox.

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