What are the Security upgrades in commercial Locksmiths?

If a business owner must have peace of mind, he must rest knowing that there is no threat to his commercial properties. To keep his business safe, the property owner must improve the level of security of his business property. To do this, he must seek the advice of an experienced professional locksmith service provider.  … Read more

How to Remove a Broken Key from an Ignition Lock?

  Every one of us has many things in our mind. When our mind is elsewhere and we absent-mindedly turn the car key forcefully in the ignition lock, it breaks. Half of it is stuck in the ignition key-hole and the remaining half of the key blade is in your hand. What to do now? … Read more

6 benefits of using a mobile locksmith in Matthews

Anyone would love to live in Matthews NC for its quiet suburban feel and historic houses. Charlotte NC is the nearest big town to Matthews. The people of Matthews form a close-knit community and an excellent neighborhood and live in harmony. Yet, there were nearly 1170 incidents of crime reported from Matthews in 2019. This … Read more

Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks & Keys

From the biggest of buildings to the smallest of safes, everything has a lock and a key. Without a lock and key, our valuable items are at high risk from burglary and our homes from break-ins. That is why we lock everything away- even our computers with passwords and our vehicles with complex locking mechanisms. … Read more

Best DIY Home Security Systems in 2022

Every home is a haven that should be protected at all times from danger. Home security systems range of locksmith security services -help us encircle our homes with a virtual security guard. Every year, new types of security solutions emerge to increase the security of our homes. Let us see what is in store for … Read more

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys “On a day, an American spends at least 10 minutes hunting for car keys.” No surprise as this has happened to us from time to time. It happens especially when we fumble for keys in the dark of night. But if it happens on a cold winter night, … Read more